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I went to tagaytay together with my friend last week of April 3,2011.  I had blast.. the nature tripping , zip-line adventure, horse back-riding  and everything oh! xoxo great.  Another thing that made me happy was the food during our lunch. We had mais con yelo (dessert), chopsuey, fried tilapia , bagoong and garlic rice and most especially my favorite the Ensaladang Mangga with salted egg (side dish). OMG! xoxo delicious! you know whats interesting at that time? I’ve never taste such  dish (the ensadalang mangga with salted egg). When I tried it I cant stop my self from eating it. It was my first time to eat ensalada and I’m very shocked. hehe I keep telling them that I don’t even know that it does exist.(seriously! haha pity for me huh?)

See picture below..


sorry for the shot if not presentable, haha setting up the table is not my cup of tea. 🙂

The dish is very simple to prepare it was just a mixture of the ff;
green mangoes, cubed | tomatoes, chopped | white onion, chopped | sautéed bagoong | salted eggs (sold only in Philippine food stores). In a big mixing bowl toss all ingredients together, once evenly mixed, chill then serve.

The overall experience eating this was amazing. I felt sorry for myself bec. I’m a Filipino and haven’t get the chance to discover it way back then. anyhow glad that I learn something new last week 🙂 ( that’s what matter most). I will definitely serve this food during family gatherings (maybe they know it already. hehe) and ill make it a point that I will order this to any restaurant that serves Ensalada! rock on  baby! more fun in the Philippines.