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I can still recall the time when I’m about to leave Philippines. It was Aug. 14,2012 I’m getting ready for my flight to Norway, It was really a mix emotions. I feel very excited but the the same time nervous and sad. Excited bec. I can finally travel abroad and go to Norway, Nervous bec. Ive never ride on a plane  – it is my first air plane ride and lastly sad bec. I’m about to leave my beloved country and my family. 😦

* Night before leaving* All my bags are packed – for some reason  I don’t feel like going anymore there are so many things running to my head, many questions.What will I do when it’s time to change plane or (connecting flight),What will happen to me in Norway? since my auntie is not there anymore to guide and teach me the things that I need to know, What will be my host family’s treatment to me?, How am I going to adapt to a new environment, changes in weather, people etc. Those are only some of the questions running to my head at that night.

Let’s go back to the day when I’m about to leave my country. Ive never travel via plane and Ive never been to the airport ever since. I really don’t have any idea what to do in the airport and where to go, I asked some people who had been to internationals flights and  I also check website online. What I was worried about at the time is that what gate should I go,where to find my airline,how to get a boarding pass,where to find the immigration etc. apparently those people that Ive asked was able to help me . They gave me an idea what to do and where to go.. especially these ff. website-  It really help me a lot I  printed out there guide so that I have a reference while traveling. Hope you find it very helpful as well. 🙂

I used this website as a reference –  for me to know what terminal should  I go to, since my air line is gulf air and it’s international flight –  It’s in NAIA 1


This website is very helpful especially for first time traveler . I used this as reference for my departure.


Since I don’t know how airport NAIA 1 looks like, I also search it and I find this one very helpful 🙂


The plane will depart @6:35 pm since its internationals flight I need to leave 4 hrs before departure. I left Cavite,Philippines around 2:30 with my papa and mama. On our way to the Airport I felt very nervous.. scared >.<. I keep praying that everything will be fine and I was holding my lucky charm on my right hand, The statue of Mary > Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Virgin of Antipolo) (It was a gift by my boyfriend). I keep praying and reading my guide to the airport.

We finally arrive at NAIA 1, it’s time to say goodbye to my parents. 😦 It was the saddest moment in my life it really hurts to see them leaving, I saw my mother crying and It breaks my heart. 😦 I know may papa is crying too he just didn’t let me see him . Now I know how it feels when your an OFW (Overseas Filipino workers).I was only wacthing that scene on the TV before and I cant imagine Im the one doing it now. It’s really painful 😦

At the entrance I encountered the first checkpoint, I have to show my valid ticket  and my passport after  that I have to pass the second checkpoint that x-ray my luggage. I finally got inside the airport, The first thing that I did is to find my Air Line “Gulf Air” check in counters. I was able to quickly saw it. I fall on the line and getting ready to hand my baggage.They gave me my boarding pass and the stub for my baggage, ( Im haft way through my journey in the airport :p ) I went directly to the next step which is paying the travel tax and go to the immigration. It was really very easy,next step is to find my gate, I found it quickly thanks to the staff  on the airport that Ive asked they gave me the right direction. 🙂 I sat on the waiting area ,waiting for boarding . When i was sitting I started crying 😦  after what I’ve been through on the airport Im so proud of my self that I did it without any troubles. I was able to accomplished something that Ive never did before and the feeling is awesome. It was really a nice journey for a first timer like me. Ive never been to the airport and it’s my first time to travel by plane, my flight is bound to europe . Can you imagine that feeling? hehe I was freaking out before my flight, had lots of worries and burdens but I made it! ^_^ Im so happy!

TIP: For first time travelers , be sure that if you  have any questions about your flight information ask directly to the Airline Employers.

Ive never thought that I can do all those things alone.Ive really change a lot and as the day goes by I become independent, fearless woman. 🙂 of all the new things that Ive experience I can say that everyday I’m learning and that what I like about “Life” It never stop teaching.