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Hi there everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. I’m not yet sleepy so I decided to upload some funny picture of mine, It was taken in my favorite tourist attraction here in Oslo, Norway the “Vigelandsparken”. I really like to be in that park ,there are so many nice statues and the place is so relaxing, Perfect place for a “Nature Lover” like me!

Vigelandsparken is a must-see in Oslo. The famous park is filled with a lot of human statues and locals enjoying outdoor life.

Vigelandsparken, also known as Frognerparken, is one of the most popular places to meet for people living in Oslo. In summertime you will find hundreds of Norwegians having a picnic or barbecue, or playing among the famous sculptures.

From the first time that I saw those Sculptures, I get very excited to take pictures of it and mimicked their poses . Check this out!

Closer look to statues ..

For travelers out there if you are planning to visit Oslo,Norway don’t forget to add this in you bucket list! 🙂

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