About the Blogger

 iLoveLearning –> is something like a personal journal of mine ( My diary something like that), My thoughts about anything, feelings, new learning’s so whenever I learn something expect that I’m gonna be sharing it to this blog. I came up with the idea of “iLoveLearning” because I like and love learning new stuffs. When I learn something new the feeling is unexplainable. Learning unconsciously is the best!  You may not find it very informative (My Blog ) but feel free to ask if you have any questions about anything that I post.

“The basis for all learning is being able to relate to the item being learned, or relating it to a known item. When I learn something new, I try and relate it to as many things as possible in my mind to anchor it in place. ” -Unknown


20 thoughts on “About the Blogger”

  1. its very nice megan!

  2. Nice to read about you Rhox (Before i give my trust to someone Ill make it sure that he/she deserve it that’s why i do have few close friends. I’m fun to be with especially if were close.) that one is comprehensive

    • roxcertifiedlakwatsera said:

      Thanks Mossa! TRUST is the hardest thing to find and the easiest to lose. 🙂 people you should trust should be deserving for it . ^_~

  3. Can I join you bakla? Hehe! = ) alam ko makakamit mo lahat yan. SWEAR!

  4. Hi Rox

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoy it:)

  5. Thanks a lot for the like on my post and wish you good luck with your blog 🙂

  6. princesspinaynomad said:

    Thanks a lot for the like on my post and goodluck on your v-app! go girl! explore the world while you’re still young!

    • Your welcome! I would like to know more about you, your post helped me actually and it excites me. hehe I tried to check your about me bec. I’m curious but didn’t find anything about you. Oh yeah! yes girl. I will definitely will! 🙂 gud-luck to both of us. Cheers!


  7. Hi, Roxanne. Nice to meet you and thanks for the recent visit to my blog, A Traveller’s Tale. Really glad to have a fellow Pinoy comment on my work. Cheers!

  8. healthdemystified said:

    Hey Rox,

    Just want to let you know I just featured you and your blog in my latest post on healthdemystified.com, “RISING STARS IN THE HEALTH AND FITNESS BLOGOSPHERE: 9 health and fitness bloggers who will entertain, inform, and inspire the world in 2012”

    Here’s the link: http://healthdemystified.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/rising-stars-in-the-health-and-fitness-blogosphere-9/

    Congratulations on the nomination, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say in your upcoming posts,


    • Wow, You totally made my day. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post, I really appreciate it! Im very honored to be on the list with these talented people.
      ( Hi ladies!). I’m inspired to write more eventhough Im not really good in writing hehe and sometimes having a trouble expressing my self. I’m new here in word-press ,still have a lot of things to learn and I thank you for motivating me. It feels great when people appreacite your work. Thank you again and you rock buddy!

  9. I chanced upon your blog today, Oct. 4, 2012 and really enjoyed what you wrote about Potter’s Ridge Hotel. Thank you very much for your insightful and straight from the heart comments about our place. I do agree with you that the view is so special, one does feel closer to God and nature. I’m glad, too, that you had a wonderful experience and even shared it to all those who will read about your travel and experiences. On this note, I commend you for sharing your happy and beautiful experiences – keep writing because you make the world a better place with your positive and delightful insights. Best wishes.

    Sincerely yours,
    Marissa Potter

    • Thank you Marrisa for the compliments, It made my day! The place is truly commendable.That’s one of my unforgettable vacation with my boyfriend so I will never forget Potter’s Ridge. Soon when I go back to Philippines I will surely visit Tagaytay and stay at your Hotel. Keep up the Good work! 🙂

      Best Regards! Greetings from Norway!

  10. I miss megan so much… hope to have a bonding day wd her again. haii megan

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